a different kind of safe

In light of Katrina temporarily wiping (flushing) New Orleans from the map, Florida's repeated hurricane spanking last summer (not to mention their inability to hold a valid election), the earthquake prone left coast, and some of the worst tornado seasons to date, Forbes magazine scientifically rated the safest and least safe cities in the USA. These calculations were based off of frequency of natural disasters of every shape and size. Disasters of the human variety NOT included.

The disasters include tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, gale force winds, damaging hail, brush fires, and the ambiguous "extreme weather." Extreme is another word meaning "we can't describe it."

Of all things, Spokane made it to the top ten list of the safest cities in the US at #5. Now, I'm not a resident of Spokane, but CD'A is close enough. Other cities that beat us out of the top spot: Boise, Santa Fe, and Yakima. No suprises. But the number one spot was a bit of a shocker... Honolulu ranks in as the safest American city.

So I guess this might be a great place to raise a family.

In unrelated yet somewhat related news, Associated Press ran a recent statement, "The Spokane area seems awash in pedophiles."

So, that thing I said about raising a family... I was just kidding.

The number of registered sex offenders in the inland NW (Spokane/Cheney/CD'A/Post Falls/ Hayden/Rathdrum) is daunting as it numbers in triple digits. And highly disturbing when compared to other metro areas.

Sioux Falls, SD: 5 sex registered sex offenders. Marysville/Tulalip/Smoky Point (where I grew up): 1 registered sex offender.


So, Spokane might be safe from mother nature, but we're swarming with pervs. What a comforting feeling.


  1. So do you know any of the pervs? And how many are unregisterd pervs? Do you know any of those? What about the pervs that haven't committed any crimes and don't have to register? Lastly, what about the pervs that think strip joints are a viable substitute for satisfying their pervish thoughts? I am almost sure you know one or two in the last category.

  2. Hmmm you can now update your records. Marysville has more than that--and another one moved in.