So, you think you know the 80's

The 80's was a great decade to grow up in. Big hair, clashing colors, dorky glasses, and some of the worst fashion statements since Ziggy Stardust. We witnessed the birth and death of hair metal. (come on people, its dead. Admit it) Computers put roots down in American homes. We watched as the Challenger blew up and Gallagher smashed watermelons. Baseball cards were still worth something. Toys were constructed from metal and had sharp edges. All of the cool fast food joints had real playgrounds. (and I'm not talking about the hamster cages/ball pits that you see at McDonald's nowadays) There was no such thing as Barney or the Power Rangers. Kid's shows were humorous and movies were cheesy. (though it seemed so awesome back then)

Then there's the music. Fake drums, overwhelming synths, lots and lots of flair, and ambiguous lyrics. 80's music is like the crazy uncle that never seems to go away. He's your favorite uncle, but you'd never admit it. Try as we might, the songs of new wave, hair metal, bubble gum pop, and early hip-hop get in your head... and before you know it, Tainted Love is playing on an endless loop within your psyche.

I now look back at the 80's with a certain fondness and amusement. I still smile when I here 99 Luft Balloons. So here's to the artists that set the soundtrack to our memories. The Clash. Peter Cetara. Devo. Modern English. Phil Collins. Stryper. This is for those who still crank up the radio to sing along with I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).

Take this quiz, see how well you remember the songs that defined a generation. I scored 73. (could have been higher if I knew how to spell cocktail) Post a comment to let me know how well you did. And hopefully you don't get Animotion's Obsession stuck in your head. I did.


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  1. Irony here - scored a 69. But I had a little help from some coworkers and google. Yes, I cheated. I knew I should have been watching "INXS: Rock Star" more often.