My ultimate goal in life

My classes take a survey every Friday to rate how well class is going - whether or not the like class. There are four sections: what they think of the curriculum, what they think the trainer (me), what they think of the classroom, and what they think of their own participation. The surveys are completely anonymous to ensure that the agents are comfortable expressing their opinions.

Some of the responses are typical. One agent will say that the pace is too fast; another will say the pace is too slow. One agent will say that the room is too cold while another says it's too hot.

I do receive negative feedback, but it is rare. One agent this last week said he/she felt ignored during large group discussions, but the rest of the class gave me positive comments.

There are occasionally comments that make me laugh. Like this one: "Nick is my hero!A+++++++++ and his shirts are awesome"

Ah, yes. That is what I aspire to - to have awesome shirts.

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