FOX News' moving target

Has any one noticed that Geraldo Rivera is always in the path of impending doom?

Anytime a destructive hurricane threatens impact with the Gulf Coast, who does FOX News send for on-the-scene reporting to where the storm makes landfall? Geraldo Rivera. A giant tsunami is on a collision course with Santa Monica, who will FOX send to be the man-on-the-beach? Geraldo Rivera. A new breed of man-eating crocodile is discovered in the sewers of New York City, who will FOX send creature hunting in the effluent deep? Geraldo Rivera. Rouge packs of Yellowstone grizzlies ingested a bunch of meth, who will FOX send to go dancing with a bunch of bears desperate for another fix? You guessed it - Geraldo Rivera.

Does the man have a death wish? Or is he really that annoying that FOX News is trying to get rid of him. Firing him takes too much paperwork, and the severance package too costly – eh, just place him in harms way. Statistically speaking, he's bound to get blown away in one eye-of-the-storm or another.

I hope that man's life insurance is paid up.


  1. And I thought I was the only one that noticed this. Not only did he get sent down there for Gutav, but he was standing on the levee waiting to see if it would break!!! DUH! That is one guy I wouldn't sell life insurance to.

  2. Yes, I have noticed this for several years now. After Katrina there was a MAD TV skit about Geraldo in New Orleans just after the storm hit. It was the best MAD skit ever!

  3. Shephard Smith did a pretty good job from the West Bank during Katrina...