Status Report: Life @ RR&RT

If you remember, about a month ago I mentioned I had high hopes for February. Well, the month of love did not disappoint. Not only did I end the month with both above average UV's (165) and PV's (692),* I also maintained higher traffic than in January. Not a single day in February had less than 10 visits - a feat I've not been able to accomplish since I started the blog in June '03. I know that's not a huge milestone when compared to some other high-traffic blogs... but it's big for me. I am (however) a bit surprised that traffic survived so well. At the end of January, I imported this blog into facebook so that my posts would automatically post into facebook's notes application and I could stop posting links into my status updates. That resulted in a loss of traffic from facebook - and yet traffic stayed strong. Like I mentioned a month ago: I must be doing something right.

I don't intend to brag, so why do I mention all of this?

Well if you remember my 1/31/09 post, I said I would be trying an experiment in February. I didn't elaborate then what the experiment was, so I shall do so now.

Beyond the tweaks (there are a couple of new items in the side bars and new links in the blogroll), I set a personal goal to post something everyday.

I failed my post-per-day experiment, but not all was fruitless. Final tally gives me 22 posts in 28 days (+ 1 on a secondary blog) - that's the most prolific I've ever been. So, while I missed my goal - I feel positive that I might be able to complete that task in NaBloPoMo** this coming November. On a side note, I would have posted yesterday, but after hanging out at Moon Dollars for a couple of hours for Blogfest, I returned home to get ready for the couple's dinner at church. After dinner (and getting the kids in bed) Bekah and I settled in for a movie. Alas... no post to close the month.

As for the future of Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts - I can never guess. I've got a million ideas, but as a WOW*** person, only an (estimated) 1% of those ideas will come to fruition. So, while ideas are bouncing around my head like conspiracy theories on the OpenCDA blog, I will keep them to myself for now. You may see one of those ideas someday.

UV = Unique Views, PV = Page Views

** NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month... and for those budding authors out there, I know that NaBloPoMo coincides with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

*** In a post about divorce on Stuff Christians Like, Jon says there's a "how person" and a "wow person" in most relationships. The WOW always comes up with wild and crazy ideas, and the HOW asks how those ideas are remotely possible. He goes on to say, "
the reality is that the wow person is going to execute maybe 1 out of 100 of the ideas and just wants to share the overflow of ideas with his wife." In all honesty, I'm WOW and Bakeh is HOW.

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