So long, January

I'm ending January on a high note. It's been a rough month, and those of you who know the full story could probably attest to that fact.

Recovered from Christmas, nearly killed myself during an icy walk to work, suffered some changes at work, took a weeks vacation (during which I discovered my inability to relax), and returned to work while attempting to settle into a new department. And then I got sick.

Upon my arrival at work yesterday, I (in a hoarse whisper) asked one of our department leads, "could I work any cases that don't require talking?" He laughed at me.

All that and I still feel like it was a good month. This blog received above normal traffic. Not as good as December, but still above average. For months, most of my visits have been referred from HBO. Throughout this winter, however, my HBO traffic has diminished. Yet I've been able to maintain steady readership with less of Dave's help. I must be doing something right.

Now we begin the Month of February - black history month, the shortest month of the year, and home to my least favorite holiday - Valentine's Day. I have high hopes.

Over the next 28 days, I'm going to continue tweaking the layout here. Let me know what you like or don't like. Keep an eye on the ten random songs section of my side bar, you'll probably discover more about who I am there than you would in hours of conversation. I'll also be trying an experiment here next month. I won't tell you what it is, because I don't want to spoil it. But keep checking back, we'll see how it goes by the end of the month.

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