Five for Friday

Here are five observations from the Vota/Stellar Kart/Barlow Girl concert (other than the fact that Stellar Kart's light boxes/stage props weigh a ton and the advice that one should always check full sized keyboard cases for wheels before attempting to lug them to/from the stage).

1. Vota is my new favorite band. Don't worry, I'm sure that notion won't last long. But they put on a dang good show.

2. Guys my age should not wear skinny jeans.

3. I still don't care much for Stellar Kart's music but they're all really nice guys.

4. The girls from Barlow Girl are much shorter in person. Surprisingly short.

5. Teenage girls are strange strange creatures, and I'm not sure how I'll cope with life when my daughter becomes one.

Anyways, I've been standing since 5:20 this evening. And when I wasn't standing, I was hauling band gear on or off the stage. I'm pooped and should probably go to bed.

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