live blogging the super bowl commercials

I tweeted my thoughts about the commercials throughout the game. In case you missed it, here is a copy of my Twitter feed.

House made of Bud Light... Creative commercial.

Betty White playing tackle football? Awesome. Kudos to Snickers.

I don't understand why the pro-choice people were up in arms over the Tim Tebow ad.

Your car = classical music with paint > Mercedes CLS550... I'm not any more interested in buying a Hyundai

NFL players should not be allowed to rap.

Shocking bark collar in the Doritos ad... There's some people I'd like to do that to.

New Robin Hood trailer! Yay! Can't wait to see it.

Lil kid with attitude... So far Doritos has the best commercials.

2nd Bud Light ad... Not as good as the first.

Head slap? Really?

Is this a Simpsons ad? Or a Coke ad?

Yet another fantastic Doritos commercial

This autotune stuff is WAY overboard. Jay-Z got it right: death to autotune

And now we have a fiddle playing beaver. monster.com ads confuse me

The Bridgestone ad with the killer whale - my new favorite

Does CBS really have to pimp themselves during the super bowl?

I'm horrified by the human bridge.

Leno in a Letterman ad? Now I've seen it all.

I'm glad my office doesn't have casual Fridays. My coworkers in their underwear? #shudders

Underwear in the office followed by the "I wear no pants" song? Bad planning CBS.

Hello Lost ripoff beer ad.

Dove for men = creepy

NFL draft using music from Where the Wild Things Are. I wonder if there's a correlation?

What's with all the underwear references?

Flowers in a box = cigarettes & dead people... Genius

Papa Johns... Mmmmm. To bad they closed all their stores in this area.

Another movie I'm eager to see... Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Midget Kiss? WTF?

Those brooms in the Harry Potter ad look phallic. No bueno.

I was expecting more from Flo TV

Intel makes me laugh... Poor robot.

Ready for the halftime show? I am.

Where can I find Will.I.Am's remix of My Generation? Ah... Flo TV

The Who: Unplugged.

I was hoping to hear Pinball Wizard

And the crowd is singing along. Here's to the naysayers that said we should have had someone more hip: it's a teen-aged wasteland

I don't care how old they are - The Who still rock. And they're far more vital than the Rolling Stones.

Roger Daltrey is wearing an unnecessary scarf. If he was a Christian, he could be a metro-sexual worship leader.

Oooh... And Prince of Persia. Also looks good.

Slug bug!

Sleepwalking safari - great ad from Coke.

Census commercials = incoherent

I've always loved Emerald Nuts commercials.

facebook is being retarded. Yes, I am simultaneously updating facebook and Twitter

And hopefully Sarah Palin doesn't condemn me for using the word "retarded."

@prodigaljohn we'll find out when Blondie is asked to play the halftime show next year.*

Charles Barkley should not be allowed to rap. Ever. And it looks like he's been eating too much Taco Bell.

Bud light commercials = fail. Doritos commercials = win.

There you have it. My frantic typing into my iPhone. The game is over. Fabulous second half. New Orleans will be celebrating Mardi Gras for the next nine days. And I'm not afraid to admit I only watched the game for the commercials.

* John posted the following on his Twitter page: "How great would it have been if girls as old as the Who were dancing on stage during the show? 65 year olds getting down" my response to @prodigaljohn was in reply to his question.

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