Can't help myself

I must have social tourettes. Or some mild form of aspergers. Whenever I see some brand of social awkwardness, I can't help but blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind.


We stopped at KFC for dinner today. While pulling into the Triple Play/Holiday Inn/KFC parking lot, there was a man and woman waling out of Triple Play to their car parked next to KFC. The man was wearing cut-off faded camo cargo shorts, an over-sized t-shirt with beer brand insignia that was obviously converted into a tank-top by manually tearing off the sleeves, and fisherman's hat secured with string tied beneath the chin.

My initial thought (and the phrase that popped out of my mouth) was: "Oh, my... what swamp did we just wade from?"

If God ever wanted to smite me for being a judgmental jerk, this would have been the perfect opportunity. And the grammar police could also lecture me for ending a sentence with a preposition. I know, shame on me for both counts.

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