An interesting fishing hole

I hope I'm not spoiling anybody's secret. Many sportsmen like to keep the exact location of their favorite fishing spots private and only speak of it with vague details. The fisher I spotted might feel the same way, but they were so publicly visible that I feel compelled to share. Two grown men on one side of the road, with their truck parked across the street. At first I thought is was my imagination - perhaps they were members of ACSM plotting out the lay of the land - but I watched (as I drove by) one of the guys cast his line into water that I did not know existed.


I was driving home from Hauser Lake. It was the same route I usually take - Prairie Avenue all the way back to civilization. At a barely noticeable culvert between Stimson Lumber and the county dump, the two men were awaiting their catch (one with the pole while the other observed).

If you look at the satellite view (link above) you'll see a strip of water that appears to drain north into Hauser Lake. However, it looks more like surface runoff than it does an official creek. The best part is the street view - barren ground, a dry stream bed.

First of all, I doubt they'll be successful. Even if they do catch a fish, I can't imagine that fish being safe to eat. And what would they tell their friends?

"You shoulda seen that fish! It was as big as my faithful border collie and it only had one eye. I caught it in a part-time stream over by the recycling center and that place that makes asphalt."

You can't get any more North Idaho than that.

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