30 Day Song Challenge: Day 26

Today is songs from my childhood. That would mostly be songs from the 80's - a mgical landscape of excess and all things ridiculous. I miss those days.

1. Amy Grant's Love Will Find a Way. I've mentioned before how Amy Grant's music played a big role during my formative years. This song stands out in my memory as one most frequently played over the family record player. Yes, kids, I said record player.

2. Peter Cetera's Glory of Love. My dad was a big fan of the Karate Kid movies. Actually, I don't know if he was a big fan, but we watched them every time they were on TV. With The Glory of Love playing as the credit's rolled in Karate Kid Part II, and frequently playing on Seattle's Lite Rock station (one of only three radio stations my parents allowed me to listen to back then) I heard this song a lot. In 1986, I was fairly certain that this was the coolest song ever.

3. Michael W Smith's Rocketown. Amy Grant may have been the most played artist in my house when I was a kid, but MWS was a close second. This was one of my favorites back then. It's also a landmark song for Mr. Smith that he named his Nashville club and record label after this song.

4. Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror. As I mentioned earlier, there were three radio stations played in our house: lite rock, contemporary Christian, and oldies. Michael Jackson did not fit into any of those three radio formats. That was fine by my dad's standards. He didn't like MJ. In fact, he shuddered at the mention of the name. Too many falsetto shouts of "ooh" and "hee-hee." And far too much crotch grabbing. But this song he actually liked. Perhaps the only Michael Jackson song my dad has ever appreciated.

5. UB40's Red Red Wine. This was another lite rock staple. This song always reminds me of summer playing in the street in front of our house. It wasn't until I was much older that I made the connection that this song was about getting sloshed on a bottle of wine.

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