What happened here?

My last post was published at the tail end of my daughter's birthday party. Since then I have either forgotten and/or ignored this blog.
So what happened? Well, a couple of things. Both can be attributed to burn out.

1. Over stimulation from Zu's party. First of all, I was the lone adult male in a room full of moms and kids. Not the most comfortable place to spend a Saturday afternoon. Second, I'm not much of a kid person - and there were a lot of kids. And chaos. By the time I typed up my thoughts and hit the "publish post" button, my brain had been scrubbed of all interesting thought.

2. My last post was about two of the worst songs ever recorded. What a downer. How do you follow up after that? Every time I thought "I need to write for my blog today," I'd look at that last bit and think "ugh."

But I'm back. My 30 day song project (which was supposed to end with the month of April) will continue on Monday. In the meantime, what did you miss?

Zu's ballet recital


The Walk for Autism Awareness (which each of our kids handled a little differently)

And the end of the year show for Christian's kindergarten class

Now, what did I miss?

Apparently, the death of the birther movement and the birth of the deather movement. Other than that?

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