I fan't type today

If today was an old school sci-fi b-movie, it would have been called The Day of the Ever Present Typo. The dogs kept me up through most of the night and I (at best) slumbered for an hour and a half before my morning alarm started ringing. The sleep deprivation of last night left me with diminished typing abilities for most of the morning. Thankfully my wife delivers coffee. The White Zombie she dropped off mid-morning is the b-movie hero that chased away the scary monsters and by noon I was finally typing straight.

But for the first half of the day, my brain felt like the eggs in that old school "this is your brain on drugs" commercial. And in that stupor, it seems there was a typo in every sentence that flowed from my fingers in an open chat session with a coworker.

Here are the greatest (worst?) typos of my day.

just ran over and grabbes sumething
too much to do today to linge
planned plas unplaned
smc donald and mdconalds (two alternate spellings of McDonald's)
consolidate everyone ot one floork
then move updtairs
I'm ve back (translated: I'll be back)
i'llbe vack (translated: I'll be back)
sinve the seeating situation is only a temporary problem...
MOAR manpowre! (one of those two misspellings was intentional)
because thecnically they are absent, just plnande absent (thecnically = technically, plnande = ???)

And if you couldn't deduce on your own, the title of this post was another typo. At least my colleague was entertained.

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