Triumph of the Witch

Christian loves books; he has an insatiable desire to read. The written word draws him into new worlds and he is as easily lost in those realms like a carpenter on a shopping spree at Home Depot.

I love it. Give the kid a story and he is captivated for hours.

He's been reading CS Lewis' The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. He has identified with Peter Pevensie - the oldest of the siblings to travel into the wintery land of Narnia. This adventure is helping reinforce the lesson Bekah and I have been trying to instill: the big brother must set a good example.

As Christian makes his way through the pages, he has needed help pronouncing a few words - Aslan was of particular difficulty.

He just reached the chapter 'Triumph of the Witch.' He brought the book to me, seeking help pronouncing a word, pointing to the letters spelling TRIUMPH.

I sounded it out for him and he immediately asked what it meant. "Triumph means a huge victory. It means she wins."

He stared at me, in shock. He looked at the book, touched the pages with his fingers. The expression on his face was close to fear - as if he was scared to read on if the villain was to succeed in her evil schemes.

He glanced back up at me and could only utter one word, "Uh-oh."

And off he went, to dive back into Narnia, his imagination to boldly stand with Peter in battle.

I love it.

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