Ice Cream!!!

The Inland NW has been taken over by something that looks a lot like summer. Blinding sun suspended crystalline sky. Soft breezes providing respite from what would otherwise be an unforgiving warmth.

When it gets this hot outside, I crave two things. Air conditioning, and ice cream.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I don't buy much ice cream. In fact, we don't often eat dessert in our house.

I don't always pick up ice cream when I go to the grocery store, but when I do, these are the 5 flavors I'm most likely to purchase.

1. Cookies & Cream: my standard default.
2. Mint chocolate chip: my wife doesn't care much for minty scents and flavors so this one is a rare treat.
3. Bubble gum: But not all bubble gum ice cream was created equal. The best that I've ever found is at Snow Goose Produce between Conway and La Conner.
4. Butterfinger: Guilty pleasure ice cream.
5. Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate or Cherry Garcia: they are essentially the same thing.

Unfortunately, the only ice cream I have in the house is a simple vanilla bean.

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