Road trippers

Summer is almost upon us. It is the season for travel. I've experienced some memorable road trips - some of which I've written about before. Some are stories I have yet to tell. While I am not a big fan of summer, the season does endow me with a sense of wanderlust.

There will be a family road trip/vacation this summer. However, this year, we're only embarking on one (not two). I'm anticipating the travels will be easier this summer - now that each of the kids are a little bit older and more mature. Just like the voyages to Seattle and Cheyenne last year, this year's trek has a destination: the Oregon coast.

But not all drives end with a fixed point. Sometimes, the purpose for the road is the journey itself. I'd like to make some of those excursions at some point during my life. Here are five trips I'd like to make before I die.

1. Driving the entire length of US 101. From Olympia north to Sequim, around the Olympic Peninsula, then the full length of the Washington and Oregon coasts, finally south through California to LA.

2. The E10. From the Swedish coastal town of Luleå through Lapland and Abisko National Park into Nordland, Norway. The highway then rambles and twists through the Lofoten archipelago, truncating in the village, Å.

3. Auckland to Christchurch. With a detour along the west coast of New Zealand's South Island.

4. South African tour. From Johannesburg to Durban, then follow the southern coast to Cape Town.

5. A meandering trip through southern Europe that traverses the two highest paved mountain passes in the Alps. Beginning in Geneva, Switzerland, head south into France then west toward Italy. Follow the the D902 over Col de l'Iseran and finally taking the Fréjus Tunnel into Italy. Keep going east through Turin and Milan. From there, head north into the mountains to Stelvio Pass. After the pass, head north to Munich, and then east to Vienna.

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