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As I mentioned yesterday, I enjoy video games. But I also enjoy table top games - especially party games. I love those games where the number of players doesn't really matter and the rules can be adapted to fit your current party needs. Those games that don't consume hours from start to finish. (Am I the only one that participated in a marathon game of Risk that lasted over a week?) Those games that can be played with a minimal amount of strategy, planning, or explanation.

When it comes to party games, these five are my favorites.

I never would have guessed that matching pronouns to a noun could be so entertaining.


My father-in-law always wins this game. Always. He has a prodigious vocabulary that is like a hurricane, destroying everything in its path.


I am really good at this game. I won't say why.


A spin off from Cranium, this game is all about ranking your favorite things... when other people guess your favorite things.


I'm cheating on this last one because Uno isn't really a party game. However, it's not really Uno that I consider one of my favorites - but a variant taught to us by a friend. He says his family invented the rules and they call it "Killer Uno." The best way that I can describe it is that it's like combat Uno.


Honorable mention....

I can't call this one of my favorites, because I've never played it. Which is a shame.
From what I've been told, this game is a lot like Apples to Apples, but more demented. If you own this game, you must bring it over. I'll supply the chips and salsa and we will play.

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