The definition of "progressive"

In an interview with 106 and Park, Lecrae gave the best description I've ever heard about what it means to be progressive. When asked about being a progressive artist, he said:

"Progression is just understanding that humanity is capable of so much. We've grown. We were riding on horses and chariots and now we're flying in planes. Understanding that's just what's inside of us. So, there's no need to regress. There's no need to just stay ignorant or ill-informed and continue to perpetuate cycles of ignorance in culture. Let's progress as people and let's continue expand who God has created us to be and be that to the fullest."

Please, can we stop using the word 'progressive' as an insult? Actually, can we stop insulting people just because they don't agree with us? Wait... can we just stop insulting people?


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

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    1. Try spelling liberal correctly. You also failed the request of the post to stop insulting people just because they don't agree with you. I'm not asking you or anyone to conform to my religious or political beliefs, but I will not allow venomous, demeaning, or hate-filled comments to be posted here.