Insult and Injury

Last week I was experiencing stiffness, shooting pains, and lack of mobility in my wrist. It finally became bad enough by Thursday, that my wife forced me to go the the doctor.

I hate doctors.

Nothing against them personally, I'm sure some of them are wonderful people and would make great party guests. I don't mind seeing them around town or at the grocery store, I just don't prefer seeing them in their office.

But after increased difficulty doing simple things like changing my baby's diaper, or turning up the volume on the TV, I caved and went to see a doctor.

Turns out, I've got tendonitis. Tendonitis is usually caused by repetitive motions, i.e. typing, clicking a mouse button, channel surfing, etc. I guess it doesn't help that I keep a blog, I'm writing a book, and I WORK IN A CALL CENTER. Working at a call center requires typing and mouse clicking - a lot of it. Treatment includes a stiff wrist brace (incredibly difficult to type with) and anti-inflammatories.

It wasn't a completely wasted trip though, we needed to take our son in too, due to a bad reaction to some antibiotics. Let's just say, he redefined the term "explosive diarrhea."

So there we were, sitting in the waiting room, me with a gimp wrist; my son has other issues. We share the waiting room with a guy who dropped a 50 pound bar of aluminum on his toe and a kid who stepped on something sharp while playing outside.

Do you ever feel like your problems are insignificant?

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  1. Haha. I love how you change the names to protect the insane. LOL. I'm not the only one who reads this, but I do like commenting. Muahaha. Glorious. Good luck with your sons.....er....uh....lack of bowel retention. Ew. And tendonitis. Thats rough. I was wondering about that whole tannish cast. :( Sorry about that, dude.