the joy of summer

There is something in the air.

You can hear it. A lawn mower or two rumbling somewhere in the neighborhood. Kids playing tag and basketball in the cul-de-sac out front. Wind blowing through deciduous leaves.

The sounds of summer or everywhere. Laughter and splashing at the beach. Single passenger airplanes flying overhead. Hip-Hop ska and reggae blasting from my stereo speakers.

You can smell it. Bar-B-Q smoke floating on the air. Freshly cut grass. Exhaust from ATV's and jet skis. Sunscreen.

You can feel it. It's hot. Humid. And everyone wants to be in it, basking in the sun. Camping, swimming, fishing, rafting.

Me, I'll enjoy my air conditioning...inside.


  1. Too bad for you Nic. You really miss out on potential for extreme enjoyment. You have my pity.

  2. haha. I'm NOT the only one! Muaha. beautiful. And I agree. You're awesome. I THINK you meant that to be funny. And if you did....awesome.