Crooks have struck my place of employment again, this time they stole their plunder from some one in my building, it could be some one I know. Read, enjoy

From: High Strung
Sent: Fri 6/10/2005 08:35
To: Everyone in my Department
Subject: Stealing

Today is the 2nd time in 2weeks that someone decided it was okay to take things from my desk!! Last week it was my Kleenex and hand sanitizer gel. Today when I came in, somebody stole my flower/plant from my desk. I'm so sick of people being disrespectful of other people's things!! If its not yours,DON'T TOUCH IT!!!! If I see my flower/plant on someone's desk, they are not going to like me very much! So, if you are the thief who stole it, please return it!!; my hrs are Mon,8:00-6:00p.m. Tues-Fri,8:00-3:30p.m. if you don't want me to yell at you, you know my hrs and you know who you are!
I'm at (desk #) on the second floor.

Thank you,

High Strung

The funny thing is, I've worked with the girl who sent this E-mail and, well...

Let's just say, she's not cut out for work in a call center, customer interaction is not her forte. Neither is handling stress, multi-tasking, problem solving, or organization. Did I mention Organization? Her desk is in such disarray, it has been federally declared a disaster area. I have seen tornados with better organizational skills. Frankly I'm surprised that she even noticed anything missing from her desk.

She will also freak out about almost anything, as should be apparent in her E-mail.

Not to condone stealing, but it is a fact of life in a call center. People will take other people's lunches out of the community fridge and eat it as if their own. There is no respect for other people's property, therefore, it should be common sense, if it is of value, you probably shouldn't leave it out on your desk.

But Kleenex and hand sanitizer?! Someone please call 911, the FBI, any one who can assist us in this time of crisis.

Or, she could go to the dollar store.


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