just when you thought it couldn't get worse

I don't care too much for cheerleaders. High School, college, professional... it doesn't matter. I see them as infantile, snobbish, shortsighted, and the intellectual equivalent of a third grader. Many are not as good looking as the think they are (perfect example, Krystal, the NBA cheerleader and recent loser on WB's Beauty and the Geek)

Granted, there are exceptions. Far and few between, I have known a couple of down to earth, semi-smart cheerleaders. However, while any given population will have a village idiot, that idiot makes up the general populace of the cheerleading world.

And thanks to the Associated Press, we have further proof that the cheerleading profession should be banished from existence. The following story can be found in both AP: Strange News and Yahoo News websites.

KELLER, Texas - Four Keller High School cheerleaders were sent home early from camp after allegedly putting human feces on a pizza and trying to frame rival cheerleaders for the deed.

Cheerleaders from rival Fossil Ridge High School had sent the pizza to the Keller squad on the last night of a four-day camp at the University of Texas at Arlington. Less than an hour later, some Keller cheerleaders took the pizza to the Fossil Ridge sponsor, claiming that Fossil Ridge cheerleaders had doctored the pizza with feces.

After questioning, four Keller cheerleaders were sent home, cheerleaders and parents told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for a story in Thursday's editions.

Federal laws bar officials from discussing the girls' discipline, but such an incident would be considered "serious misconduct," district spokesman Jason Meyer told the newspaper. He said punishment could include sending the girls to the district's disciplinary alternative high school and removing them from the team.

The day after the pizza prank, other Keller cheerleaders apologized and read a letter to the Fossil Ridge squad.

Please, we owe it to ourselves. End the madness, don't support cheerleading.

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