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Panjabi MC "Mundian To Bach Ke (Beware of the Boys)" remix featuring Jay-Z

If you've never listened to Bhangra or heard anyone rapping in Punjabi, this song will throw you for a loop. Rapping in what?! you ask.

Punjabi is a language spoken by 104 million people worldwide from the Punjab region in northern India/Eastern Pakistan, where Rajinder Rai (AKA Panjabi MC) was born.

Panjabi MC now lives in the UK and he seemlesly blends the music of his heritage and culture with modern styles popular in England.

The remix of "Mundian To Bach Ke (Beware of the Boys)" was produced by the Neptunes. The song's foundation is a sample of the Knight Rider theme song. Yet it keeps the lively instrumentation of Bhangra; dhol drums and tumbi (the tumbi was also used for the main riff in Missy's "Get Ur Freak On").

With the accompaniment and Panjabi MC's vocals, you feel as if you are walking the streets of Dheli, well... with out the heat, humidity, and overcrowding. I have no idea what Panjabi is saying, but it is absolutely beautiful. Jay's lyrics are his typical swagger, comparing himself to a "black Brad Pitt" and how he is "infinitely good."

Overall, the song is well produced, fun, and unique. I just can not get sick of hearing it.

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