Everybody likes clowns... Right? As kids, we're told that we're supposed to like clowns; they should make us happy. When life is dreary and filled with melancholy, clowns can make it better. Their routines of mock panic, self-deprecating slapstick, and pantomimed absurdity is all done in the name of humor and goodwill. Isn't it?

According to some studies, the wigs, make-up, inflated jumpsuits, and ridiculously oversized shoes all hide something sinister - something that strikes fear into the hearts of children everywhere. A study in the UK surveyed 250 kids (between ages 8 and 16) about how they feel about hospital decorations. The survey revealed that kids are not that fearful of hospitals. But when asked if clowns are scary, all 250 of the children surveyed answered "yes."

Well, if I had have known so many of my peers were scared of clowns, I would never have worn that clown costume on Halloween when I was in fourth grade. If you were in my class and I condemned you to a lifetime of therapy, I sincerely apologize.

Why are clowns frightening? While pondering this question, let me remind you of a classic Deep Thought from Saturday Night Live: "To me, clowns aren’t funny. In fact, they’re kinda scary. I’ve wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad."


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    your dad had a clown costume.....how scary is that?

  2. Kyle is terrified by clowns! There was one at WalMart doing some type of promotion and the clown came up to Kyle...and he screamed and bolted. I had to chase him, and I finally found Kyle in the middle of the ladies undergarment department almost sobbing because he was so scared of that clown. Steve was terrified by clowns as a child too. I wonder if it's hereditary? Good post by the way!