Perfect Protest

The Olympics have begun. Over the last few months, several have urged a boycott. And we've seen many protests during the last few weeks.

Is there reason to protest? Sure. But I do not believe the Chinese government will be swayed by any protest or boycott. So, while noble in intent, protests like the recent demonstration by Brandi Swindell in Tiananmen Square and her urges for boycotts accomplish nothing.

The US (and other nations) should not boycott the Olympics; it would be foolish for any nation to not participate. There is no good reason for fans at home to avoid watching any of the events or ceremonies.

I should clarify one thing. We should protest... but not with "Free Tibet" signs, or boycotts, or chanting, or handing out pamphlets listing the atrocities committed by the Chinese. We should protest through athletic competition.

The best way we could protest China's human rights violations is by going to the games, competing, and kicking China's ass.*

* (please excuse my language... I really couldn't think of a more appropriate expression)


  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    "ass" is a biblically used word to describe the kin of a donkey. in this case, it is aptly applied.

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    "Seriously" thank you so much for adding to your blog. You are excused for using the bad word that you did.

    I Love you,

  3. I like watching the Olympics. Water polo was on today and I didn't think much of that. Your son played in a sprinkler in my yard a couple weeks ago and while it wasn't quite worthy of Olympic coverage I do have pictures. I tried to e-mail them to you guys and it was returned... send me an e-mail or something if you want the pics. (Hows that for trying to connect your son to the Olympics!)