Real life conversation

An agent in my class had some errands to run during class time, and wanted to know if she could be gone for a couple of hours. I was feeling a bit ornery. Here's how the conversation went.

Her: Nic, what are we doing tomorrow.
Me: I can't tell you.
Her: (Raises eyebrow)
Me: But I can tell you it involves squirrels.
Her: What? (confused look)
Me: Squirrels. We will be playing with squirrels.
Her: (Tilts head to side like a baffled puppy, looks at another agent in the class)
Other agent: He said we're working with squirrels.
Me: (Unable to maintain my blank expression, begin laughing) I was just kidding.
Her: Oh.
Me: Are you going to be gone tomorrow?
Her: No, I just need to leave about 8:30... and be gone for about an hour - hour and a half.
Me: ¿Por qué?
Her: I have some stuff to take care of.
Me: (Tilts head to side like a baffled puppy)
Her: I Just wanted to know what I was going to miss.
Me: OK. Well, we'll be reviewing the final test, going over your scores, practicing special order types, going on a nature walk...
Her: WHAT?!?
Me: A nature walk, we're going on a nature walk.
Her: (Looks at other agent)
Other agent: (Shrugs)
Me: (Poker face increasingly difficult to keep, begin laughing... again) I wasn't serious about that last part.
Her: Oh. (Awkward pause) So, will I be in trouble if I'm gone for a little bit tomorrow.
Me: Absolutely.
Her: Really? Are you serious?
Me: Only as much as I was about the squirrels.

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