Two for the post of One

1. I am relaunching one of my given-up-on blogs. It's first incarnation was designed in hopes to shine a light on the things that kept me entertained. After a few posts, I stopped. Well, it's revived... with a few tweaks. I'll be digging up old family photos, telling old stories, and talking about the music that has molded me. (Warning, I walk to the beat of a very different drum.) You can find my first post HERE. Hopefully, I keep this one going.

2. It is not often that I get to pimp a friend's blog... and even more rare that I pimp a blog from a member of my family. My sister-in-law in Boise recently started three blogs (and I thought I was crazy). Check out her main blog, Dancing with Dragons; she's got links to her other two blogs there. And she posts a lot... I'm so excited!

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