Idaho turning blue?

Up until election eve, Bekah was more or less undecided. She didn't like either of the primary candidates, and nothing either has said over the last couple of months has impressed her. Four years ago, Bekah's older sister voted for Nader - not because she though Nader was a good candidate, or because she thought he had a shot at winning. No, that vote for Nader was her protest of the two party system. On Monday night, as Bekah and I discussed how we were planning to vote (the who and why of everything), Bekah came to the conclusion that she would join in her sister's partisan protest.

As we drove away from the polls on Tuesday, she admitted to voting for anyone who had the party "IND" next to their name... with one exception.

"I voted for Obama." She has her reasons. I think she voted democrat just to see how close Idaho could come to turning blue.

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