The 10th day (only a week to go)

"on the seventh day he (God) rested." Genesis 2:2

If Eddie Vedder was a Christian, I'm sure this would be his favorite verse. Do I have any evidence that Pearl Jam's lead singer would chose this ove the many other verses in the Bible? No. It's just a hunch based off of a Christmas song his band released as a fan club single almost 20 years ago. Since Eddie's birthday is the day before Christmas Eve, I feel obligated to include one of his songs on my list.

Song: Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas Time)
Artist: Pearl Jam
Album: Originally Released as the 1991 Fan Club Single (available on Lost Dogs)

There is a bit of logic in this selection, provided you can follow my random stream of consciousness. It is seven days before Christmas. On the seventh day of Creation, God rested. And sleeping is an excellent method for resting. Yes, that is the way my brain works. I live in a magical world. It's a wonderful place; you should come and visit sometime.

But there is more logic than that. Think for a moment. Are you ready for Christmas? It's only a week away. Are all of your decorations in their rightful place? Are the stockings hung with care? Do you know what you're giving to all of your family and friends? Have you completed all of your shopping? Are all of the presents wrapped? Have you mailed your Christmas cards? Have you BOUGHT your Christmas cards? Have you attended all of your parties? Is the Christmas menu planned? Are you ready for your family to visit (or to visit them)? Are you going to get it all done between now and then? Did you know Walgreens is open on Christmas day? Do you need to rest?

If you answered "no" to a majority of the first 13 questions I asked, your answer for the final question should be "yes." You need to rest.

Why do we spend a whole year with schedules packed to overflowing, exhausting all of our energies, just to finish our year with busier festivities? Why don't we ever stop to rest? With the stress of retail crowds, impending socialization with family you may or may not like, tightrope budgets, shorter daylight hours, and colorful (occasionally obnoxious) lights flashing everywhere, we probably need rest now more than any other time of year.

I get (as a parent) wanting to make Christmas the most enchanting experience that I can for my kids. But as a busy adult, I also want a nap.

I think Eddie gets it too. "When I was a kid, what magic it seemed. Oh please let me sleep it's Christmas time."

Go ahead, rest. You need it.

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