On the 8th day... one for my wife

I don't brag about Bekah as often as I should. She truly is a remarkable woman.

This past week has been a busy one for her. If I don't give her a big kudos for this, I should be ashamed of myself. She helped organize, direct, and host one of the biggest parties I've ever witnessed. It was all to benefit foster parents in our area.

12 weeks of planning
83 families
256 kids
$75 price limit

In our weakened economy, every kid received gifts. Bikes, art supplies, video games, books, and clothes. Bekah and the wonderful team she works with pulled off a great party. With donations from local businesses, and the grace of PFHS for letting us use their facilities, we had success.

To my wife, and her coworkers: job well done. There are 256 kids having a happier Christmas thanks to all of your hard work.

In honor of the love of my life, today's musical number is her favorite Christmas song.

Song: Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song)
Artist: Amy Grant
Album: Home for Christmas

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