Holiday tidbits

For those of you who were not able to follow my facebook status updates on Christmas Eve, Zu was practicing her Linda Blair imitation. Once in our bed, once on the couch, and twice on the bathroom floor. She was vomit free Christmas Day, but revived her act the day after. Culprit: stomach flu.

The Tank caught Zu’s bug. He was half awake Sunday morning when the other kids got up. He fell asleep on the couch while Zu and Chritian played. He slept through breakfast. He slept through JJ’s crying and the bustle of Bekah preparing for massage/spa day with her older sister and mother. When Bekah’s older sister made herself some Ego Waffles, Christian and Zu asked if they could have some. This was enough to wake The Tank. He sat up on the couch and said “Me too.” We only let him have half a waffle since we knew he was sick. He sat at the table with the other kids and stared at his half waffle. When Zu and Christian finished their snacks he followed them to the living room… waffle in hand. I saw him on the couch vise like grip on his Ego, thin slit eyes gazing into nothing. “Are you done with your waffle?” I asked. “Uh-uh.” I instructed him to sit back at the dining room table until he was done eating. I discovered him 15 minutes later (still clutching his waffle half) asleep on the floor between the kitchen and dining room. I tried to wake him to get him to a more comfortable sleeping spot. He woke enough to realize that he was still holding something edible and took a bite. He sat up and chewed. A few minutes later, he was back asleep on the floor with the half Ego (minus a bite) in his grasp. He slept most of the day. Thankfully, he avoided the regurgitation. (However, my brother-in-law got it Saturday night into Sunday, and I got it last night and am now fighting it off. I'll spare you the adult details.)

We got a Wii. It was our big family gift for the year. There are so many fantastic puns that come with a Wii. Are Wii there yet? We Wii. Wii shall overcome. And after a bit of tennis and boxing… Wii hurt. Although, when you say you need a Wiimote, it sounds like you’re speaking with a lisp. And after playing with the Wiimote, the DirecTV remote seems big and clunky.

Christian beat his first video game. It took him two days. I'm so proud. Thanks to his age, he finds more pleasure in the act of playing than in the accomplishment of finishing. The second and third times through the game were equally enjoyed.

Did I mention I have Wii hurt?

Alas, I must go and allow you to return to wherever your internet connection leads. I have a date with a peculiar porcelain fixture and I'm afraid if I wait too long their might be a disaster. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and experience better health than I.

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