I am the perfect movie goer. I have this innate ability to suspend disbelief regardless of how implausible the plot. Even weak stories are manageable if the action keeps me engaged. There are exceptions to the rule. Transformers 2 was such a geographical fail, I couldn't get past the atrocious story. (Petra, the Pyramids at Giza, and the Valley of the Kings are within walking distance of each other? Really?)

Beside the point. I like movies. I like watching movies. I can only think of one time I ever walked out of a theater because the movie was so bad (Summer of Sam). Did I mention I like movies?

So um... (shuffles feet)... I've started a new blog. Again.

But this one is solely dedicated to movie reviews. It's still under construction, so it might look a little rough around the sidebars. But check it out... let me know what ya'll think. There's two new posts (and one more coming soon) plus two reviews I've previously posted here. Hopefully, this will also give you a chance to hear from my wife and eldest child.

Check it out, bookmark it, or not. If you want you can mock it (just don't tell me if you do). Movie Night with the Caseys.

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