Five for Friday

Well, I'm packed (almost), and after work I'm headed up to the Pend Oreille River somewhere between Cusick and Ruby. Status of cell reception: unknown. Availability of 3G coverage: unknown. So I may be off the grid for the next few days. It's my church's first ever men's retreat. It'll be interesting since I barely know a few of the guys at my church, and any time I picture a bunch of Christian men getting together in the woods, I envision one of two things - both are outlined HERE. (heh... cranked the masculinity up times eleventy billion? Classic.)

I hope this weekend is neither a dudes only version of a woman’s bible study, nor a long string of feats of strength. (I prefer to reserve my feats of strength for Festivus.) I'm expecting something in between. That being said, here is what I'm looking forward to.

1) Texas Hold 'em tournament. Wait... Poker? At a church event? Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. I curious how this will go. Should be fun.

2) Monty Hipp. He's a funny guy, always has some good stuff to say. (I wonder if he has any podcasts on iTunes... I should go look that up.)

3) Solitude. With my busy schedule and busy family, I don't get much solitude. And when I do, it's usually not the silent type. I'm taking the Stuff Christians Like book with me, and I should be able to carve out some time good reading time, or perhaps a nice quite stroll through nature.

4) Man-food. Man-food starts with the letter 'M' and so does the word 'meat.' I'm not sure if the campground is catering for us or if the church is supplying the food. Either way, I'm sure there will be lots of bacon involved. And grease. And it probably won't be healthy. (deep fried Caesar salad anyone?)

5) Peril. I might try out the ropes course. Key word: might. Depends on what type of peril is involved. If it's just a chance of injury, I'll risk it. If the ropes course traverses a pit of doom where a fall will surely end in death, I'll opt out and go for that nature walk.

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