In case you missed it...

A few weeks ago, Dave asked the following question: What was the best thing that came out of the 2010 Legislature? I answered.

The next day, he front paged my answer on HBO. All is well and the blog world keeps rolling. I thought that was the end of my snarky jabs at the lackluster Idaho State Legislative session. Recently, a friend of mine asked if I saw myself in the paper. No, I don't subscribe to the Spokesman Review so any appearance in the press would escape my observance. The only way I ever know that I'm in the newspaper is through secondhand recognition. It seems (So I've been told) Dave used my comment in one of his SR columns for all of the subscribing population of North Idaho to see.

In case you're like me and missed it, here's my answer to Dave's question:

10 best things to come from the 2010 Idaho State Legislature.

1. The capital building is still standing.
2. No one was caught toe-tapping in the men's room.
3. They did not leak uranium into the state's water supply.
4. No fist fights during the legislative session.
5. Members of the State Legislature did not form a Built to Spill cover band.
6. The Mountain Bluebird is still our state bird. Unfortunately the peregrine falcon is still on our state quarter.
7. Not a single member of legislature was arrested for homicide.
8. The BSU/UI rivalry is still intact.
9. No one proposed plans for Idaho to secede from the Union.
10. There's always next year!

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