Palm Sunday.... a bit late

I keep forgetting to post these. Bekah and I spent last Sunday hanging out with a few thousand friends at the Rock & Worship Roadshow. Both of us were there to work, but still had a blast.

Unfortunately, I missed Most of Family Force 5's set, but from the last chunk I saw they were crazy phenomenal.

How was everybody else?

Never heard of Sidewalk Prophets, but I was impressed. They opened up with a stellar cover of Michael Jackson's man in the mirror, and opened the show admirably.

Remedy Drive was insane. Their vocalist is spastic and I'm surprised he never hurt himself. He did as much acrobatics (head stands on his keyboard, diving rolls and flips off of/over said keyboard, rocking on, standing on, falling from his wobbly stool) as he did singing. Great live band. If you get a chance to see them - go.

Fee is another band I'd never heard of, decent but not a highlight.

Bekah caught the tail end of Fee and all of Francesca Battistelli's set. She loved it. I personally think she sounds better live than on record, so I was much impressed.

David Crowder*Band was amazing. My brother would disagree with me, but DC*B is easily one of the best performances in modern Christian music. Davic Crowder talks really fast though. And with a Texan accent. But with a living drummer who looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes (ironically wearing a Planet of the Apes t-shirt), a robotic drummer, the Travelocity traveling gnome as a stage decoration, and an arsenal of awesome instruments (multiple guitars, a keytar, a guitar hero controller, banjos, and an explorer bodied mandolin) you can't go wrong. They also have an impressive catalogue of tunes to choose from. Unfortunately, their set was over quicker than expected.

DC*B got a short time frame because of the headlining act Mercy Me. I only got bits and pieces of their show, and their vocalist was losing his voice. Even with a sore throat, he still poured out ever ounce of effort imaginable. The vocal strain was barely noticeable (with the exception of the high notes in the emphasized bridge of I Could Only Imagine). Again, I only caught a few bits of their set, but they proved themselves as great musicians and entertainers. Although, they all came out in their Easter Sunday best. Can't be comfortable.

As a side note, the pictures above were taken during the Mercy Me portion of the concert. I'm surprised they're as good as they are considering all I had with me was my iPhone.

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