30 Day Song Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: my least favorite song

There's two of them. I'm not posting the video. Nor will you find a link here. If you haven't heard these songs, consider yourself blessed. If you want to listen to them, or watch the videos - google them at your own risk.

Now that you've been warned...

Have you ever heard of jumping the shark? Something that was of decent quality goes through something so absurd that everything after is all down hill. The failure is so horrible that it overshadows any attempts at redemption. That's what happened with my two least favorite songs.

And I really can not decide which song is worse.

First up is a Black Eyed Peas song. Everyone loves to hate on BEP - especially after their lackluster Super Bowl performance (I blame the soundman). However they used to put out some killer tunes. But break out their catalog into two categories: The pre-Fergie era and the post-Fergie era. Their first two albums are two of my favorite hip-hop albums of all time. Then Fergie joined the band and it all fell apart. No song highlights the pure suckage that is the Peas with Fergie than the song My Humps. The song is like The Ring. Once heard, it will destroy you after seven days unless you pass it on.

The other atrocity is Gwen Stefani's solo breakout. Her band - No Doubt - was fantastic, blending the worlds of Ska, pop, new wave, and dancehall reggae. They've always released great music. As she was pulling her first solo album together, it had the potential of epic proportions. I was looking forward to the upbeat sounds of No Doubt with some hip-hop productions. Instead we got a bizarre mess highlighted by the seizure inducing song Hollaback Girl.

Take your pick. Each song is more terrible than the other - blemishes on otherwise stellar music careers. I hope history forgets that either song ever existed.

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