Leavenworth, pictorial review

For those with short term memories and/or are easily distracted by shiny objects, allow me to fill you in. Bekah and I escaped last weekend. To Leavenworth. Our first real kid-free vacation since ... well, ever.

We didn't do everything planned, but we had an amazing time. After the first night, by the time we had finished our waffles, Bekah and I were fans of staying at a bed & breakfast. And by mid day, we decided we should do our best to make the trip an annual event.

Beside the point. While we were there, we took a lot of pictures. Here are five of my favorites.

There should be no question why this is one of my favorites. None.

Perspective is everything. As we were horseback riding on a hot summer day, I was thankful for this perspective.

We visited two wineries and two tasting rooms. Icicle Ridge, Cascadia, Eagle Creek, and Kestrel. Icicle Ridge was a bummer, because that's the one I was most looking forward to seeing. It was the most scenic, but a rather dull tasting experience. Eagle Creek was decent. Kestrel was entertaining. But by far, Cascadia was my favorte. For the wine lovers out there, I can not urge you enough to support this business. Delicious wine and a fantastic host.

I took several pictures of flowers. There are decorative pots hanging from businesses all over Leavenworth. But for wild growth? Daisies are everywhere.

My wife has a beautiful smile. And I saw a lot of that smile for the three days we were away. With a private horseback ride, quite (and mostly private) dinner at a secluded lodge, massages, and nothing but peace and relaxation for the first 24 hours we were there, every smile was earned. And with all we've been through in the past eight years, those smiles were well deserved.

You can see more from our trip HERE, on facebook.

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