What to do?

My parental units are arriving on Saturday. They'll be here for five days. This presents a unique challenge.

My wife, three kids, and I live in 1000 square feet. We need something to do to break free from the confinements of home and prevent overcrowding and cabin fever.

Should be easy right? Coeur d'Alene is a fantastic place to live and a beautiful place to visit.

But all the cool events that roll through town every summer has passed. Car d'Lane was in June. Julyamsh was last month. Both Art on the Green and The Wooden Boat Show wrapped up earlier this month. All that's left is the North Idaho Fair and we're planning on taking my folks there Saturday night after we pick them up from the airport.

Here's my quandary: What should we do for the rest of their stay?

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  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Don't stress about it! We are easily entertained.