Vote Zombies!

Last night, we had some interesting dinner conversation, including (but not limited to) a misstated Monty Python quote. But the strangest - and perhaps most truthful - exchange started with my wife's older sister.

My sister-in-law started by describing a frequent customer that came into her store wearing a t-shirt extolling the virtues of reelecting FDR. The shirt said something along the lines of "Vote for Roosevelt, we need him again."

Of course, he's long dead, a fact that spawned a conversation between my sister and this customer.

The t-shirt made no distinction if we should be campaigning for Teddy or Franklin, so Miriam started with the natural question.

Which one?
What's the point of the shirt?
The man explained that President Roosevelt was the one that got us out of the Great Depression and we needed a leader like him once again.
So we'd have a zombie for president?
The man chuckled.

The conversation ended when Miriam offered meager support: "If you raise him, I'll vote for him.

She finished telling us the story of this encounter. The discussion that followed was (in my mind) classic.

First, would a zombie FDR have a shot in the 2012 election? Possibly, with one observation that he would be a better candidate than anyone currently running in the Republican primary. Then we came to the conclusion that zombie FDR wouldn't stand a chance in Idaho because Roosevelt was a Democrat. But, if he changed parties?

I made the suggestion that all a zombie would need to do to win an election in Idaho is to have the letter R follow his name.

My father-in-law replied, "I think we all ready have zombies that won an election in Idaho."

Wait, zombies in our statehouse? Is that possible? Phil Hart. John Goedde. Steve Vick. Vito Barbieri. Lawerence Denney. I stand corrected. Idaho is ruled by zombies.

Should I buy my pair now and be prepared?

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