Fruit or Vegetable?

I asked my class to answer this question: Are you a fruit or a vegetable. Here are some of the more interesting responses.

Whether I am a fruit or vegetable depends on several things. 1st thing in the morning I could usually be classified as a vegetable, definitely not a morning person. There are various times when I can be classified as a fruit, especially by my children, because at times being a little insane is what keeps you normal. Even though my hair is dark, some blonde jokes apply, I could say the blond is seeping through and invading my personality. My favorite moments at being a fruit are when I know it will embarrass my children the most, for instance in front of their friends or in public places.

I think I am a fruit, because I am sweet and better looking then a vegetable. Fruit to me seem to more colorful and optimistic, and that is what I am trying to be. More people seem to stick to the fruity side and being a veggie tale sounds kind stale and gloomy. So I feel that I am a fruit, because I am a sweet sensitive and caring person. Or at least I hope someday to be.

I’m a fruit because I am and yeah. Just look at me.

I believe myself to be a fruit. Fruit is sweet and most people like it. I tend to try and be sweet and generally get along with everyone. Yet some fruits have tough textures and depending on weather or not i get along with you will determine if you will be able to get through it.

I would have to put myself in the vegetable category, the reason being that I consider myself in the healthy category, fairly mundane, practical, but full of the necessary things: ... not too sweet, so can't go for fruit. Rarely silly, also can't go for fruit.

I am feeling like a fruit today...let's say a pomegranate............difficult, hard too peel and to discover. Yet soft & ,juicy and easy to enjoy.........in other words........tough on the outside, yet soft at heart.

I am a fruit because I am sweet and devious.
I am also a vegetable because I am hearty and good for you.

I'm a kiwi. I'm wild, tart and yet sweet all in one...(and fuzzy)

I would have to say that I'm a fruit. Kinda sweet but at the same time a little sour.

I have decided that I am both a fruit and a veggie. Because at times I can be sweet and very loving but at other times i am dead to the world.

(And my personal favorite…)

Well I would say that since a tomato is a fruit I am a fruit. I'm round like a tomato at this point.

This confirms what I have suspected for the last five weeks, my class is a bunch of fruits (mostly).


I've got enthusikasm!

Every week I give my students a survey to rate if my teaching and the curriculum is effective. A score of one means I suck and they hate me; five means I am the coolest person ever. I usually rate about four and a half. Not quite the coolest, but at least likable.

Each section of the survey contains a blank section for comments. This section usually garners comments like "we're going too fast" or "we're going to slow" "it's too hot" and "it's too cold." since the comments from one trainee tend to contradict another, I tend not to give the remarks too much attention. I do read them; occasionally one will be highly entertaining... mostly due to spelling errors. But there is always at least one that makes me wonder.

For example, in the section for feed back that focuses on me, one student wrote the following quip: "Instructor shows lots of exitement and enthusikasm."

Exitement? Enthusikasm?! What the crap? I just had to know, what is enthusikam? So, I asked my class to give me the best possible definition.

Here are my two favorite responses:

Enthusikasm: 1. (adj) To be excited, but not really.
2. (noun) Enthusiastic sarcasm.

I'm not sure if I like having either definition apply to me, but the same person elsewhere said I make it interesting... hmmm.

I'm proposing a new word to be added to the next edition of Merriam-Webster, enthusikasm!

Question. Which definition do you like best?


Try back in about eight years

I love it when my wife answers the phone. You never know what she will say. We received a call Friday night, and while I only heard Bekah's half of the conversation, here's how it went:

"... ......... ......."
"I'm sorry, he's not able to come to the phone right now. He's two."


the art of being busy

A few short weeks ago, Bekah and I had a discussion about time. I was interested in getting involved a little more at church, and she though we were all ready doing a lot. Simple difference of opinion. I just didn't feel like we were busy enough. Church on Sunday morning and youth group twice a week on top of working 40+ hours a week seemed like too much free time.

God was listening. Word of advice... be careful what you ask for. He just might give you more than what you asked for.

New schedule. Work is still 40 - 45 hours a week. Church is still on Sunday mornings but the youth worship band practices on Sunday afternoons. Sunday evenings Bekah and I are taking a class called Making Children Mind without Losing Yours. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are still devoted to youth group, my time there is split between helping the band, making sure the media presentations are ready, picking a set list, and hanging out with the kids. Everything that happens on those days are kind of a blur. By the time the week is over, I barely remember them. I am preparing to start working with the worship band for big church on Thursday nights. Bekah and I both started school with in the last couple of weeks and we have homework due almost every night by midnight, including Sundays.

On top of this we have friends that we try to have dinner with at least once a week, and spent time together as a family.

My work week runs Saturday through Friday. The church week runs Sunday through Saturday. And my school week runs Monday through Sunday. I'm up late doing homework and at work before 7am. I have been averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep a night for the past couple of weeks.

I have never felt so alive.



The perfect job

Actual answer from an employment survey

Question: What makes a job an enjoyable place to work?
Answer: Laid back, casual dress code, not so strict, & has games.
Translation: I want a job where I don't have to work.
Suggestion: Go work for minimum wage at a seasonal employer. i.e. Triple Play... or Silverwood.