FOX News' moving target

Has any one noticed that Geraldo Rivera is always in the path of impending doom?

Anytime a destructive hurricane threatens impact with the Gulf Coast, who does FOX News send for on-the-scene reporting to where the storm makes landfall? Geraldo Rivera. A giant tsunami is on a collision course with Santa Monica, who will FOX send to be the man-on-the-beach? Geraldo Rivera. A new breed of man-eating crocodile is discovered in the sewers of New York City, who will FOX send creature hunting in the effluent deep? Geraldo Rivera. Rouge packs of Yellowstone grizzlies ingested a bunch of meth, who will FOX send to go dancing with a bunch of bears desperate for another fix? You guessed it - Geraldo Rivera.

Does the man have a death wish? Or is he really that annoying that FOX News is trying to get rid of him. Firing him takes too much paperwork, and the severance package too costly – eh, just place him in harms way. Statistically speaking, he's bound to get blown away in one eye-of-the-storm or another.

I hope that man's life insurance is paid up.


Real life conversation

An agent in my class had some errands to run during class time, and wanted to know if she could be gone for a couple of hours. I was feeling a bit ornery. Here's how the conversation went.

Her: Nic, what are we doing tomorrow.
Me: I can't tell you.
Her: (Raises eyebrow)
Me: But I can tell you it involves squirrels.
Her: What? (confused look)
Me: Squirrels. We will be playing with squirrels.
Her: (Tilts head to side like a baffled puppy, looks at another agent in the class)
Other agent: He said we're working with squirrels.
Me: (Unable to maintain my blank expression, begin laughing) I was just kidding.
Her: Oh.
Me: Are you going to be gone tomorrow?
Her: No, I just need to leave about 8:30... and be gone for about an hour - hour and a half.
Me: ¿Por qué?
Her: I have some stuff to take care of.
Me: (Tilts head to side like a baffled puppy)
Her: I Just wanted to know what I was going to miss.
Me: OK. Well, we'll be reviewing the final test, going over your scores, practicing special order types, going on a nature walk...
Her: WHAT?!?
Me: A nature walk, we're going on a nature walk.
Her: (Looks at other agent)
Other agent: (Shrugs)
Me: (Poker face increasingly difficult to keep, begin laughing... again) I wasn't serious about that last part.
Her: Oh. (Awkward pause) So, will I be in trouble if I'm gone for a little bit tomorrow.
Me: Absolutely.
Her: Really? Are you serious?
Me: Only as much as I was about the squirrels.

My life in music

Post #2 is up. Check it out.


Two for the post of One

1. I am relaunching one of my given-up-on blogs. It's first incarnation was designed in hopes to shine a light on the things that kept me entertained. After a few posts, I stopped. Well, it's revived... with a few tweaks. I'll be digging up old family photos, telling old stories, and talking about the music that has molded me. (Warning, I walk to the beat of a very different drum.) You can find my first post HERE. Hopefully, I keep this one going.

2. It is not often that I get to pimp a friend's blog... and even more rare that I pimp a blog from a member of my family. My sister-in-law in Boise recently started three blogs (and I thought I was crazy). Check out her main blog, Dancing with Dragons; she's got links to her other two blogs there. And she posts a lot... I'm so excited!


Random thought of the day

If dandelions could breed like animals, ... they'd be doing it like bunnies.


Perfect Protest

The Olympics have begun. Over the last few months, several have urged a boycott. And we've seen many protests during the last few weeks.

Is there reason to protest? Sure. But I do not believe the Chinese government will be swayed by any protest or boycott. So, while noble in intent, protests like the recent demonstration by Brandi Swindell in Tiananmen Square and her urges for boycotts accomplish nothing.

The US (and other nations) should not boycott the Olympics; it would be foolish for any nation to not participate. There is no good reason for fans at home to avoid watching any of the events or ceremonies.

I should clarify one thing. We should protest... but not with "Free Tibet" signs, or boycotts, or chanting, or handing out pamphlets listing the atrocities committed by the Chinese. We should protest through athletic competition.

The best way we could protest China's human rights violations is by going to the games, competing, and kicking China's ass.*

* (please excuse my language... I really couldn't think of a more appropriate expression)