Update: 1 day later

For all of you who have heard the news, we're doing about a good as could be expected. Thank you for all of your support, whether you're here in person or in spirit. You all mean the world to me.

We hurt. I never knew that I could hurt this much. But, we will be OK. It helps that we have a three year old who says random funny things. Smiling helps. Laughing helps. Friends help. Coffee helps.

For now, I'm living in some strange universe where I find healing in a triple shot white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Tomorrow? We'll see.

Please keep us in your prayers. We love you.


This is no surprise

One of our managers asked all of us administrators to complete the Jung Typology personality test. For those of you who know me, the results shouldn't be much of a surprise (as it confirms my Napoleon complex). Well, here it is, I am an:

Extroverted - 44%
Intuitive - 12%
Thinking - 25%
Judging - 44%


He's a loser!

Well, 2nd place. So, technically he's a loser since he didn't win.

Photo courtesy of Vote for the Worst


bathroom graffiti

We have all seen it - simple and often obscene sayings written (and sometimes scratched) into the walls of public restrooms. Graffiti can be art, but not in a bathroom; these etches in rest stops across America represents the sad humor of the lowest specimen the human gene pool has to offer. Trust me, it doesn't take a genius to think up phrases like: "for a good time call#..." Sayings like that are even better when the vandal misspells "good."

Although, bathroom graffiti can sometimes be entertaining. I frequently see one piece that has gone through multiple incarnations.
What started as
transformed into
and finally became
I know, it's not the greatest showing of human intellect, and I'm pretty sure that the name was supposed to be "David" not "Dayvid." But at least I know one thing: no matter how miserable I feel, at least I'm not Dayvid.

However, there is one piece of bathroom graffiti that perplexes me. In the a stall in the main-floor men's room at my office, there is the following bold statement, written in what looks like a Sharpie:
"I thought Toy Story 2 was okay."

WHAT?!? A Toy Story reference? In the men's room? Either pure delusional rambling or merciless emasculation. Has to be. What could possibly motivate a man to compliment Toy Story 2 in the place that other men go to heed nature's call?


the biggest idiot on Earth

Erik Reichenback: Victim, not of the female contestants, but of his own moronic tendencies

NOTE: I don't normally watch Survivor. I hate the show. But my wife love it. And since I blog from the same room that Bekah watches Survivor, I often get stuck watching bits and pieces due to such close proximity.


Ridin' Dirty

What does this pastor think she is accomplishing with this sign? This is why church marketing sucks. This “riding dirty” sign breaks so many rules; it is equally laughable and saddening. Joel, of Crummy Church Signs, lists several things that should be on a church sign: Service times, church news, involvement in the community, relevant Bible verses, and non-snarky sermon titles. The HoP&R got the service times, but nothing else. Riding dirty does not meet the criteria of a first-rate church sign; hip does not equal relevant.

Does the pastor even know what it means to be riding dirty? Or, does she listen to too much radio. This sign comes across as a deplorable attempt to lure in ganstas and thugs. Before I get too carried away, maybe we should define “riding dirty.” The gist of riding dirty is driving with contraband in your vehicle. The actual definition varies from illicit narcotics, to illegal firearms. From a thug’s point of view, this sign is more of a threat than a welcoming invitation. Who else do they not want to catch them riding dirty? The police. Warning a bunch of young urban kids about the dangers of Jesus catching them riding dirty puts Jesus on the same level as cops, whose authority many youth either fear, reject, or despise.

Is she a real pastor, or a pretend pastor? Even the theology used in this sign is shaky, easily refuted by the most devout of pagans. How can you preach that Jesus (being the Son of God) is omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent if he has to catch you sinning? Trust me, if you’re riding dirty, God knows – He doesn’t have to catch you.

Despite the philosophical and theological miscalculations in this sign’s intent, there is also psychological effect – cognitive recognition. The term has been popularized across suburban America, thanks to the Grammy winning song “Ridin’” by Chamillionaire. The song’s hook is so recognizable, that even emo kids know the chorus. The popularity of urban radio is growing, and catchy songs like “Ridin’” are songs that churches should avoid using for marketing purposes. As kids drive by and read the HoP&R sign, what are they supposed to think? The natural inclination is an instant correlation to Chamillionaire’s hit single. Then they’ll have the song stuck in their head. By the time they’ve driven past the church, they’ve forgotten about Jesus. Meanwhile, they’re singing to themselves “See me rollin’ - They hatin’ Patrolling, they tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty.”

This church sign is memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Maybe that’s a lesson that Rick Currie’s opponents should learn. Currie is a Kootenai County commissioner up for reelection.

These signs are all over Coeur d’Alene. Everyday on my way home from work, I drive by one attached to a truck parked in the empty field near the intersection of Ramsey and Kathleen. Currie’s opponents are failing because of cognitive recognition. (Grammatical errors, misspellings, and the tendency to be attached to run down hillbilly pickups don’t help either.) Currie’s campaign signs all say “vote for Rick Currie.” His opponent’s signs all say “vote out Rick Currie.” To this day, I have no idea who is running against Rick Currie. On election day, the only name on the ballot that I’ll recognize is Rick Currie. I may or may not like the guy, but at least I know who he is.

Religion and politics, two signs with the same short comings. One sign, I’ll forget about Jesus and start singing along with Chamillionaire. The other sign, I’ll forget to vote out, and end up voting for Rick Currie.