Rappers are the worlds worst spellers

Let me preface this post with a little disclaimer. I can not spell. So griping about other people's spelling mistakes might sound a bit hypocritical. Yet there are errors that are humorous enough that they must be pointed out.

I give my classes surveys on the first day of class to discover what kind of experience they have and what they want out of a job. One question asks about their hobbies. I love this question because it helps me figure out how to relate to the employees in my class.

One agent is a huge fan of rap music. He DJs, break dances, and raps. However, he can't spell. Spelling errors are forgivable; yet (on the first day survey) when he answered rapping as one of his hobbies, he spelled "rapping" with one "p."

Oh how that one letter makes a big difference.


Noah Clause

It is not yet Halloween, but the Christmas decorations have arrived. When decorative skeletons are hung beside mistletoe, this visual assault on the senses is not only disorienting, but could also create some holiday confusion.

I often wonder how these merry mash-ups (Thanks-Chauna-Christma-Kwanza-Hallo-weenika) might appear through the eyes of a three year old. Thankfully, I just happen to have a three year old to tell me.

While walking through Sears, we came upon a blow-up Santa. It was one of those obnoxious jumbo-sized yard decorations - tacky yard trash that over eager Tim Allen types find elegant. Taking the opportunity to test Christian's holiday recognition skills, Bekah asks our toddler who the inflated figure represented. (Logic being, if the kid can tell the difference between a fur seal and a harp seal, surely he would recognize Jolly Ol' Saint Nick!)

"Christian," Bekah points at the air-filled Chris Kringle and asks, "who's that?"

Christian has the answer, so he smiles and says "Noah!"

* * * *

Ah, yes. I'm sure when Clement Clarke Moore envisioned Noah, he saw a chubby (plump), bearded fat man with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes - dressed in fur with a tobacco pipe stump held tight in his clenched teeth.

* * * *

In other flood news, our youth pastor put a new spin on this classic Bible story: God basically spit an the earth and everyone died - except for one family and a bunch of animals.

Yes, I do enjoy being a youth leader.


When music grows old

At what point do retro songs become classic rock?

At what point do classic rock songs become oldies?



Please allow me to boost my ego, for a moment. I have good news: if you Google search "nic casey" this blog is the first search result.

Speaking of ego, the ancient Greek word ego is translated into modern English as the personal pronoun "I."

And now, back to my boring life.


The jump off

The playground at Valley Park in Spokane was not designed for toddlers, but for kids a bit older - kindergartners at least. Yet, Christian insisted on playing, despite the over sized equipment.

Every step and ladder rung was chest or shoulder height. At first Christian struggled to climb, but he was determined to succeed. Descending was far more difficult than the ascent. At one point, Christian paced back and forth over a high bridge trying to decide which end would be easier to climb off.

I had to resist the fatherly urge to help him at the first hint of difficulty. This was a task that (for some odd reason) was important for Christian to figure out on his own. So, instead, I followed him with a camera.

He did occasionally ask for help, mostly when he wanted to jump from a high ledge. He would take hold of my hands and jump - half carried half fell - to the ground. Having discovered the joy of this jump/fall/carried sensation, Christian went searching for the highest point to leap from. And he found it in a gap just barely big enough for him to fit through. He shimmied down to a metal bar just below the gap and reached for me with one hand (the other hand held tightly to the platform). This perch of his was quite high - above my head. I had to stand on the tips of my toes to reach him. When he finally grasped his hands around my fingers there was a moment of hesitation. Understandable, if you were three foot tall and about to make a jump over twice your height, you would also hesitate . But he jumped. I guided him down and he landed in the pea gravel with a small splash.

"I'm OK!" He said with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Yes," I told him, "you are OK."

Then, with quite resignation, Christian lowered his head and said, "Oh."

Just a bit of disappointment and he ran off to play some more.


Yo quiero bad business moves

Earlier this week, Taco Bell announced plans to open Taco Bell locations in Mexico... again. Really.

They tried this once before, in 1992. As you may have guessed, they failed. I wonder why.

Could it be that you can find better tacos in Mexico than you might at a Taco Bell? Selling Americanized Mexican food in Mexico is akin to opening a Panda Express in China. I'm sue that real Chinese food from China is far better than anything on Panda Express's menu. Just the same, I'm sure that Mexican citizens know how to make tacos and burritos better than we do.

Or maybe the first Taco Bell locations failed because Mexicans were insulted by that ridiculous little chihuahua (I hate that little mutt).

I believe, however, Taco Bell failed in Mexico because of the mixed messages sent by their "Make a run for the border" slogan. Or as they say in Mexico "Corre a la Frontera!" Not quite the message you want to send to your customers.

I wonder if Taco Bell will be more successful this second time. I doubt it. Well, you know what they say - third time's a charm.


And now for something completely different*

In reference to Larry Criag, a reporter on this morning's KREM 2 news broadcast made an interesting** statement.

"First he said he would resign. Then he said he might not. Then he said he would resign if the judge refused to throw out his guilty plea - which is exactly what happened last week, but then then senator said he is comfortable staying."

Great, this is all old news. Could KREM 2 Guy tell us something we never knew before?

"So, clearly," KREM 2 Guy continued, "he is a man who changes his mind."**

Really? I'm so glad you cleared that up. Thank you for your thought provoking coverage of the Larry Craig scandal.**

* Yes, that was a Monty Python Reference. And what followed was completely non sequitur. I have a odd sense of humor.
** Sarcasm is a virtue.
*** Does KREM 2 Guy actually get paid to say stuff like that?!? Te me how I can get hooked up with a job like that. I am as capable at overstating the obvious as anyone else.