Male Pattern Oldness

In the waiting room at the doctor's office an older couple passed through to use the restroom (and by older, I estimate that they were older than my parents, but younger than my grandparents). When the husband exited the restroom, Christian made an astute observation.

"You don't have any hair." Christian said to the older gentleman.

AAAK! I'm instantly horrified. "Christian!" I pleaded. "That was rude. You need to say nice things to people."

Thankfully the old man was fairly jovial in his response. "Really?" He rubbed his head. "Why.... I guess I don't." Then he asked, "why do you think that is?"

If Christian's fist espial wasn't enough to make me cringe, his answer petrified me.

Christian answered, "you're too old for hair."


Weekend fun

We went to the Julyamsh pow wow on Saturday.

Zu got to dance...

... Well, depends on how you define "dance."

We spent Sunday afternoon at the lake.

I helped Zu learn to fly.

Bekah tried to get Christian to swim in deeper water,he didn't like it.

But he did receive lessons on how to drink lake water.

As for JJ... he just sat around and chilled.

I declare the weekend a success.


Define appetizing

A bunch of my coworkers brought in “tailgate” food for a tailgate party themed potluck. One food item stood out among giants as what is perhaps the single most disgusting thing I’ve ever laid my eyes upon: cottage cheese based salsa.

There are some things you just can't unsee.


Please excuse my absence

I have been suffering a rare malady that some doctors* refer to as RIH or Relocation Induced Hiatus. It is not a chronic nor terminal affliction.

Causes: abrupt changes in residential dwellings.

Symptoms: Sensory deprivation, muscle strains, fatigue, twisted ankles, excessive perspiration, technological and informative withdrawals, possible anti-social behavior, dementia, paint stains, and irregular blogging syndrome.**

Treatment: WiFi

Side effects: Self imposed isolation, sudden onset carpal tunnel, sensory overload, and more anti-social behavior.

* By "some" I mean "none."
** Irregular blogging syndrome is not a real disease.


Wallpaper: the root of all evil

People who paint over wallpaper should be shot. People who wallpaper over wallpaper should be shot, resurected, then shot again.