Happy Halloween!

Enjoy these scarrrrrry videos. (Warning, the following videos contain some sarcasm, mild obscenities, and more racist idiots than I can tolerate.)

How is Sarah Palin dressing up for Halloween? Check her receipts from Sacs 5th Avenue. (hint: it might have something to do with Michael Jackson...)
Project Beltway

This is what it's like in a "real American" town.
Understanding Real America in Wasilla

This is how "real Americans" behave. If these are what Palin/McCain refer to as "real Americans" from "real small-town America" I will gladly call myself unAmerican.

Please get out and vote on Tuesday.


Going the opposite of "green"

n the days of going green in an eco-conscious culture... and in the days of cutting costs in a fragile economy… One might think Albertsons might do something to shorten their receipts.

For a purchase of a croissant and a Rock Star energy drink, I’m handed a receipt the length of a standard computer keyboard.


Other side of the bathroom wall

Am I the only one creeped out when a low strained voice from the occupant of a neighboring bathroom stall says "Oh, yeah"...

Or when the same voice a minute later starts singing opera?


Where the heck have I been?

Good question.

Since returning from vacation, it's been a bit hectic. Trying to get caught up with and finish the class I'm teaching (and left behind so I could go to Boise)... A trip down to wine country (Walla Walla - not Napa Valley)... And we're moving this weekend.

All things considered... I haven't had much time to blog. I know that's a poor excuse. But Bekah has banned me from the internet until we are in the new house so that I can help pack. (I cheating now... she's asleep)

Speaking of moving... Give me a call if you're free on Saturday.