real life conversation

(Three security guards, two in uniform, the other only wearing a hat bearing the company logo. They speak with Minnesota accents, and ALL should have retired years ago.)

Guard #2: So, these are da computers we're watching, eh?

Guard #1: Yup, dat day are.

Guard #3:Oooh, day hava big screen TV!

G#2: Can we watch da TV?

G#1: Sure ya can. Day don't get many channels though.

(Author's note: I feel so secure... thanks guys!)


overstating the obvious


Two guys are playing ping-pong. In a failed attempt to do something shifty one player hooks the ball sharply, nearly getting it trapped under the refrigerator. If he had have been playing baseball, he would have hit it into the dugout off the third base line.

The man with no control of his paddle then states, "Oops, I screwed that one up."

Ah, yes. I can see that.


reality (n) 1:things that are real. 2: the process of buying or selling real estate

Within the last couple of months two close friends have purchase homes. First, mutual friends and where we will most likely be found on Saturday nights. Then one of Bekah's best friends since childhood.

Me... I could care less, but Bekah's starting to get a bit of real estate envy. She seems to think since eveyone else is buying a house, why can't we. Yesterday, in an attemp to amuse herself, she started thumbing through local listing and found the perfect house. (I must admit, it was the type of house we need and in a location that would be great for us)

Problem, it has been on the market for several months and has not sold. Odd, a three bedroom manufactured home in a good comunity less than a decade old at a reasonable price not selling... you'd think there would be something wrong with it. But no. We drove by, it's in great shape. Why hasn't it sold?

Bekah talked to the realtor last night, trying to get some basic information. first question, how much for a down payment? 20%, roughly $14,000. Next, how much would monthly payments be? Payments plus lot rental totaled just over $900. Realistically, if someone had 14 grand and could afford $900 a month, in a city like Coeur d'Alene no one in their right mind would buy a manufactured home. For payments like that (if you have good credit) you can finance a real house.

In other news...

Apparently, my two year old son is a bully. I'm not sure how that happened, considering I was never a bully in any way shape or form.


I blame A.D.D.

I must have been asleep for the last couple months, or at least on autopilot. There have been two not very important yet meaningful milestones in the life of a blogger that I seem to have missed with out notice.

First, my 100th post. Second, my first anniversary as a blogger (6/01/05 -6/01/06) . I was thinking about posting links to some of my favorite posts from the past yearish 100 some odd available. But no, maybe that will be my 200th post. Or I'll wait till next June.

Also a milestone... kind of. I have officially been working on my novel for a year and a half. Progress is slow, and realistically the fault is how busy I am. But I'd like to blame A.D.D. I sat down to work on it for a little while yesterday and completed one paragraph. Talk about accomplishment.

It seems awkward to complain about not writing more. Somehow I've managed to keep this site updated and start a whole new blog. I really should be focusing my complaints on a lack of focus.

But there is much to look forward to. In March Coeur d'Alane is hosting its first ever film festival (see link under silver screen). I am planning on taking some workshops through ICAN and hoping to get more involved with the arts in general around the CdA area.

Society is defined by it's artistic expression and the inland northwest has a lot of fine artists to be proud of. (including a fabulous wildlife photographer from whom we purchased a beautiful picture of mountain goats in Banff.)

And before I get completely off the subject, I salute my attention challenged peers. And now, back to writing... something else.


Moving on

Over the last few weeks Bekah has been encouraging me to begin working torward something, rather than just working.

This is a puzzling concept. I want to do more, but it seems the only thing I'm qualified to do is what I'm doing now. And the only way to change that is to go back to school. Retuning to education at the age of 27 is not any easy decision, especially with the price of colleges nowdays, and even more so when I consider the family I have to support.

If I was to go back to school, then I've got to figure out what I want to be when I grow up (I know, I'm a little too old to be clueless there). This part is frustrating for me because I tend to dream big. The two things that I really want to do are fields that are incredibly difficult to earn a living: writing and/or studio recording. With both options, I would need a "real" job elsewhere. And a little extra education in liturature composition and record production would help.

But, if niether are realistic expectations, Then what? I could study History or Communications (my intended major when I aplied at NNC and angain at USF), but then what? I would still need a job.

Please be praying for me. I've got some heavy decisions to make during the next few weeks and my Eeyore personality isn't helping any.

Thanx for letting me ramble, and I apologize if you dozed off half way through reading. I promise, it won't happen again.