An appeal to CL Butch Otter, governor of Idaho

Mr. Governor,

Recent media coverage has included a story of Kendra Goodrick being sent to prison for a drug charge after receiving a probation sentence due to some sort of error in timing.

I do understand the difficulties our state has combating drug use in our area. I would normally be an advocate of jailing drug offenders.

However, Ms. Goodrick's case is different. The judge originally granted leniency. While probation is not always the best option for an addict, in this instance - it worked. Kendra Goodrick has kept herself clean and has become a productive member of society.

There is another aspect of this case that complicates the issue; Kendra has had a child since she cleaned up her life. As a foster parent, I understand the effect that a drug addicted parent can have on their child. I also understand the trauma that can be inflicted when that parent is removed from the child's life.

The question here is not about what is technically the correct procedure. This is not about whether or not the judge's ruling was within his powers of authority. The question is about the right thing to do. While I have great respect for the law, sending Kendra Goodrick back to prison is not the right thing to do.

Sentencing Ms. Goodrick to a prison sentence after she has proven her intent and capability to stay clean during her probation accomplishes nothing. It is a waste of taxpayer's money. It is discouraging to a recovering addict, not to mention other addicts looking for options to turn their lives around. For common citizens like myself, my confidence in our judicial system is destroyed.

Please do whatever you can to ensure that justice, not a technicality, is served. Please grant Ms. Goodrick clemency. Keep Kendra Goodrick out of prison.

For more information on this case please read: Dave's first post about Kendra, Mom Faces Prison article in Spokesman Review, Kendra's appeal to HBO readers, and Bayview Herb's letter to the governor.

If you are an Idaho resident and you are compelled to do something to help Kendra and her family, please write to governor Otter at his website.

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  1. My husband and I were reading your blog after Googling in my name... and just wanted to thank you for your support. The community response to this mess has been heartening; that as well as God have given us the strength to get through this instead of just passively waiting for them to take me away. Anyway, thanks!