why babies cry

With out overstating the obvious, I realize that babies cry because they do not know how else to communicate their needs. They need one of four things: to be fed, to be held, to sleep, or to have their diaper changed. (And if all else fails, sometimes they just need to scream for a little while... for no apparent reason.)

I understand those needs, but there is something about the sound of a crying baby that drives me to the brink of insanity. The noise... I just want it to stop!

While discussing this topic the other night, my friend Dave proposed a interesting theory about the nature of a newborn's cry. Dave believes that God intentionally made the sound of a crying baby to be just annoying enough to compel you to do something about it.


  1. God...and maybe God's planned evolution. Not only does that cry drive you to do something to stop it, but they're so darn cute that you don't want to hurt them in the process. That's probably God's work, too. :)