Candy corn for Valentine's Day

My parents like to spoil me. At various times throughout the year, they send me a care package. Contents: candy corn. (or candy corn related paraphernalia) Why candy corn? I like candy corn, but my wife hates it; It’s the one sweet my mom knows I’ll get to eat.

My parents are consistent enough to be counted on, but not so regular that they maintain an element of surprise. They’ll usually send me a bag of candy corn around Halloween (and by “around” I mean between the last week of September and Thanksgiving). I’ve occasionally received red, green, and white colored cadies for Christmas. And once, they sent me some for my birthday in May. But it’s not always candy. Several years ago, they sent me a candy corn scented candle (that was before I met Bekah), and this past Christmas they gave me a pack of candy corn shaped playing cards.

My parents know I like candy corn, but I don’t know if they realize how much I appreciate their care packages. Opening one of their candy corn surprises always makes me smile (the deck of cards actually made me laugh). So, it was a pleasant surprise yesterday when I opened a package my parents sent me to find this:
Cupid Corn (Yes, it’s really called “Cupid Corn”). Apparently the makers of candy corn won’t stop until they have a version for every holiday. I can’t wait to see what color combination they come up with for Arbor Day.


  1. Hey! Tell them to spoil you with a Box-O-Love! This company, Box-O-Box makes some really awesome care packages! They're awesome!!

    (sorry, haha, I just got one from my boyfriend and I'm so excited I'm blogging about them whereever I can!)

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Just for the record, your dad had no clue I sent this care package! Besides, I love doing it. Not sure about the Arbor Day bit, but I might have a few more surprises up my sleeve.