Lent and a quicker pace

Today's vocabulary words are: soda, and 28 minutes.

With fat Tuesday over, today is the first day of lent. What did I give up this year? Soda. So please I beg you - PLEASE DO NOT let me drink soda. (Which might be a bit of a challenge considering there's going to be free pizza and pop at blogfest on Saturday... grumble grumble.)

The last time I gave up soda for lent was 7 years ago while Bekah and I were dating (while I gave up soda, she swore off caffeine). Our late night snacks at Shari's were always difficult. We'd sit and envy each other while eating our crisscut fries - I could drink coffee, but she could drink 7Up and Root Beer. I had given up soda for lent once two years earlier and that didn't turn out well.

And 28 minutes. What's significant about that? That's how long it takes me to walk to work. Who cares? Well, I do... but only because the trip took me 45-50 minutes when I first started walking last fall. Two miles... under 20 minutes. The other upside of walking is less moobs. If you don't know what moobs are, you'll have to ask Bekah.

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  1. Hahaha.. The picture of you and Bekah sitting at Shari's envying each other makes me smirk. :-)

    And I'm pretty sure I know what moobs are...